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Why have a Company Rating?
Builds confidence with your customers, vendors, and staff.
Demonstrates that you are serious about your online business image.
Shows your prospects and customers that your company has longevity and stability.
Tells your customers that a 3rd party has evaluated your online business.
Shows other companies you work with that your business has a Company Rating.

How do I apply for a Company Rating?
First, you will need to email our Analysis Department to request an application.  They will email you the application right away.  Please answer the questions on it as completely as you can.  There are several places for you to explain your answers. The flat fee for your Company Rating is only $99.  Email the completed application and fee back to our Analysis Department.  They will review and evaluate your answers and company.  If they have additional questions, they will contact you promptly.  Once your application evaluation is completed, they will email you your Certificate of Company Rating. 


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